The butterfly  & the pig  

It's our turn! happiness together!

This swingers private club will be for SELL soon! Info:07751258962 

Everything started from the first glance and each step we took, brought us to this glorious decision. So now we declare the 4th of July as the date of our big swingers party.

July 4th 2019 / 02:30 pm info@swingerspassion .com

Our Story

The pig

 “I can watch her dancing for hours, because she is  dancing inside of my heart.” 

The butterfly

“You may think that real love is what passes out from your lover's lips. I think though,  the real love is when you read in your lover's eyes!”

Who are we ?

We are a English married couple, we meet single guys - girls and MARRIED couples.


We enjoy good old fashioned sex, threesomes - moresoms no weird stuff.


The BUTTERFLY  Club will be opening this WINTER. ... A new swingers' club where couples and singles can socialise and have sex is to open in Glasgow. There are not many places for couples across the UK apart from places in London


Star Butterfly JOI 



Happy is the man who finds a true friend, and far happier is  the one who finds the true friend in his wife. I am happy I got Star Butterfly JOI !

The Bridesmaids Gang

Jessie "Bareback queen"

28 years old

Daisy "Riding Miss Daisy"

25 years old

Sonya "Schindler's Fist"

24 years old

THE Smitty Bacal GANG

Paul"Big Daddy" 


Stevie G. "The Barefoot Zombie" 

28 years old

Jamie. "THE Mandingo fighter"

27 years old

Party Details


on July 4th 2019


Swingers warming room 

Glasgow kings park / 2:30pm – 3:30pm

Next party coming soon 

Main Bar area

Glasgow / 4:30pm – Late

More info coming soon


Please let us know if you are attending! We are happy to see you then!

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